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This archive contains 25+ years of work life. When I look back to it, it occurs as a comprehensive cultural warning system. Warnings against mindlessness, arbitrariness, indifference. Against the erosion of architecture as our highest intellectual, technical and artistic medium. Warnings against unassertively handing over our life world to cyberspace, our critical faculties and our agency to Artificial Intelligence. Warnings against a loss of creative resilience.

I'm glad to say, there are also several cases of testing alternatives. The transformation of an old building or a journal, imbued with history. The overhaul of a national institution. There is also the formation of a new magazine, a new building and a new institution. These, as well as many others efforts, are also proposals: to re-synchronize our society and grab back time we have lost. To repurpose architecture, and bring it back as spearhead of our most consequential pursuits. As literally the discipline that protects, while nurturing our ambitions for meaning. May this archive show the circumstantial evidence.

Image below: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Ars Combinatoria, Frankfurt 1690, frontispiece



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