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The Invisible in Architecture


This vast and comprehensive volume of work on the world's most renowned architects was called “a once in a lifetime project”. It took eight years of preparation. Faced with the increased invisibility of the architectural discourse itself as media attention focused increasingly on the visual aspects of architecture, this book sought to restore the balance between social and artistic choices and their consequences.

The Invisible in Architecture provides a rigorous survey of the fundamental cultural tropes in present-day architecture and highlights the versatility of the discipline, avoiding a one-sided emphasis on technique and design at the expense of the intellectual and tactile dimensions. Architecture and its cultural context are presented as completely interwoven, without losing sight of the architectural specificity. The book is co-authored by Roemer van Toorn.




Dutch Minister of Culture Hedy d' Ancona

Ole Bouman, Roemer van Toorn

Le Style, c'est l'Homme

On 'The Invisible in Architecture': An Environment-Behviour Studies Perpective

Classical Architecture is no Saviour

Architecture for King Client

The Need for a Space as a Global Problem: A Manifesta

A Modern View, or a View on the Modern

Visions' Unfolding: Architecture in the Age of Electronic Media

Between Omnipotence and Aluminosis

In Search of Ground

Ecology: the Invisible Factor

Desperately Seeking Siza

Myth and the Fate of Secularisation

Architecture, Development, Memory

Ryebread Architecture

​Our Culture is in Need of an Art of Exposure

Tomorrow Can Take Care of Itself

The Reason Why I Laugh or: The Topsy-Turvydom of Post Modern Architectural Ethics

Interpretation, Mediation, Narrative in Architecture

Afterthoughts on Architectural Cynicism

Architecture is too Important to Leave to the Architects

The Invisible Political Economy of Architectural Production

In the Place of the Public: Observations of a Traveller

Architecture of Evocation of Concealed Time

Architecture at Remdom: The Blinkers that Make the Visionary

Ole Bouman, Roemer van Toorn










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