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All the projects and proposals on this website reveal that architecture can bring back the sense of measure we so badly need. Hopefully they show that architecture has all the potential to regain its original meaning as a unique symbol of our human agency, and as a mechanism for providing measure in our life. Reconnecting with society, repurposing as a discipline, proving its power in actual projects and becoming a creative and healing time machine for overcoming the present and finding alternative futures that help us not only to survive, but to live life to the full.

But projects and proposals may not be enough to make a real dent in the Great Acceleration in our era, dwarfing any good intention by its lethal direction. In seeking to rediscover our proper measure, it is more important to understand that if only we start to change the fundamentals of our society in order to reshape it and to make it sustainable for the long term, we will come to rely on architecture much more profoundly than as a set of pilot schemes and demonstrations. We can be inspired by examples, but we ultimately need to deal with necessity, and turn the exceptions into the rule. We need a different architecture to lead system change.

Because projects and proposals are no longer enough, and all the talking in the world won't bring us any closer by the much-desired system change, this section of the website is dedicated to plain action. I am embarking on a journey that is no longer a speculation, a rhetorical device or a good intention. It is no longer about something that is not there. This time, all the values in this website will be pursued by a real challenge to find them in real life, among real people and with an immediacy that no theory, no curatorial work and no institution can ever find. Please join me on this quest for change writ large; to begin with in my own life.

Journey to the east

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