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East as a Metaphor东方作为隐喻

Cycling to China across the Euro-Asian landmass. Ten days before departure, life centers around preparations. The significant shift from words to action has already begun. Yet, people question, why head East?



Having lived in China for a decade, the East surrounds me. Some may wonder why embark on a journey at a such a slow pace to a place already familiar?



The aim is to comprehend the East in its essence and share that understanding. It's also about experiencing the East as an unfolding process, something a mere plane ticket to Shanghai would never reveal. More crucial than viewing the East as a destination is embracing it as a journey, a reality evolving pedal stroke by pedal stroke.



Yet, the paramount importance lies in showing respect for the East through actions and the tangible effort of physically moving oneself. This journey will no doubt construct its own reality. A reality that will assert itself so profoundly that no expectation, assumption, projection, or judgment will endure.



Over a decade in China has highlighted how easily Westerners, even those professionally versed in writing about China, get entrenched in assumptions, alas often articulated as accusations. There's a profound laziness in contemplating the East, amplified by the quest for an enemy, a competitor, or at least an opposition. Riding towards the East is, at its core, a response to this laziness—an openness to the transformation occurring when crossing numerous cultural boundaries. It's witnessing the shift in worldviews, observing how people forge unique ways of living, building, and imagining, and inevitably living up to that. I hope to find East as a fabric of live, I hope to cultivate East as a living thing.



In essence, this kind of East is the direction that will also discover me, rather than one I rationally choose. Thank you for anticipating regular updates on this adventure.




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